Mobile homes (also known as manufactured homes) are dwellings whose walls are manufactured in a factory, complete with insulation, plumbing, wiring etc., have a permanent metal chassis, and are typically affixed to a permanent foundation and connected directly to utilities once shipped to the home site. Mobile home construction quality has increased dramatically over the years, which, in conjunction with their relatively low price and ease of maintenance, has caused a sharp increase in mobile home ownership, especially in more rural regions of the country.

We insure all types of mobile and manufactured homes including singlewides, doublewides, trailer homes, prefab homes and modular homes.

What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance is a type of policy that is intended to repair or replace your mobile home should it be damaged by any number of perils. Mobile home insurance can also cover the owner’s personal property, living expenses (should the home be uninhabitable for a period of time), as well as liability to protect other individuals while on the residence premises.

Why do I need mobile home insurance?

If you have a mortgage on your mobile home, your lender will require underlying insurance. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, adequately covering you mobile home will save you time, and most importantly money, in the event of a loss.

Major parts of a mobile home insurance policy

Like with a standard homeowner’s policy, there are six major portions to most mobile home policies, which are described below. When you receive your mobile home insurance quote, you will typically see prices associated with each of these coverages:

  • Dwelling Coverage – This section covers your mobile home (also referred to as the “dwelling” in the policy paperwork) in the event of a loss. The most the policy will pay is set forth in this section.
  • Other Structures – This section covers detached structures (i.e. detached garages, pools, fencing, etc.), and is typically a percentage of coverage A.
  • Personal Property –The best way to understand what this section covers is by imagining that you can pick up your house, and turn it upside down. Anything that would fall out will be covered under personal property.
  • Additional Living Expenses – This section covers additional expenses you incur as a result of being unable to reside in your mobile home, above and beyond your normal expenses. Typical examples would be hotel stays, the additional cost of food, etc.
  • Liability – Liability coverage extends not only to your residence premises, but in most cases, to anywhere you are. This section covers damage to others, which includes damage to the property of others (i.e. your tree falls on a neighbor’s home), as well as physical injury (i.e. a friend slips and falls on your front steps).
  • Medical Payments – This section covers immediate medical expenses arising out of a liability claim, such as paramedic services, ambulance rides, etc. Medical payments are generally applied regardless of fault.